Community-Inspired TV Celebrating Regional Stories
Community-Inspired TV Celebrating Regional Stories

Community-Inspired TV Celebrating Regional Stories

Telling the stories of, preserving, and archiving the culture of the Hudson Valley online and in person.

Explore your community through a new lens on the Hudson Valley's largest collection of regional films!

Over 600 FREE local films and much more

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Get to Know HUDSY

HUDSY's mission is to strengthen, engage, and connect with the community through the power of film and storytelling with the goal of highlighting and elevating the incredibly diverse voices and spirit of the Hudson Valley in order to create positive social change and foster mutual understanding and respect.

Watch Local Anytime, Anywhere

HUDSY TV is accessible to all at you can also harness the power of technology and send it to your TV or favorite device!

What Does Supporting HUDSY Look Like?

In addition to watching HUDSY TV, here are some other ways to engage with HUDSY, helping us further our mission to make impact through the power of film and storytelling!

Come to an In-Person Event

HUDSY’s movie premieres, Beyond the Screen and The Mashup events bring people together in-person to celebrate film, music, dance, community, connection, and each other.

Join Our Apprentice Program

HUDSY's paid Apprentice Program trains the next generation of local storytellers providing emerging filmmakers the opportunity to learn and gain experience in all aspects of filmmaking through workshops and hands-on learning.

Hire HUDSY to Tell Your Story

Let us help tell your story! Reach out to discuss how HUDSY can help you get your message out.

Donate or Buy Merch

There are several options to donate, including purchasing some killer HUDSY merch!