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If you don’t know who Tafari the artist is you’re missing out! He shared his powerful story with the Hudsy team last week and tomorrow I get to film him in action. I’ll keep you all posted when HUDSY drops Tafari’s story. It will be a MUST watch!

HUDSY T-Shirts are now available and will be at this Saturday’s Beyond the Screen at Rosendale Theatre! Come grab you one! Tickets at www.Hudsy.com/events

Not really though! Natasha took great care of me during our sit down interview today. We’ve been capturing moments in time when big changes are afoot on the HUDSY journey and today was my turn. More to come in the next months…STAY TUNED!


Have you heard of Isis Benitez? If not, here’s the quick scoop. Isis is a 24 year old Afro Latino woman who is empowering her community to be in power. Where does her strength come from? Tune in for the full story**.** Isis’s mom, Marie, and Isis’s 96 year old grandma will tell you the uncensored truth.

Stayed tuned on @HUDSY.tv

May 11, 2023
• Edited (May 11, 2023)

It’s not just a saying on a pillow or a mug. Joy, love & hope are out there. You just have to show up to receive them.

How do you create these spaces and share them with others?

Prepping for our JUNE 3 BEYOND THE SCREEN event while eating my go to oatmeal with apples, cinnamon and raisins. Do y’all eat the same thing every morning like me? Or do you switch it up?

with Aria Martin! Stay tuned to check out her story on HUDSY. 👊🏻

April 20, 2023
• Edited (Apr 20, 2023)
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When your dog doesn’t want you to leave for a shoot but you have important work to do.

What kind of pets do you all have and what’s a favorite memory you share? My dog, Meeko, had gotten me through a lot what stories do you share with your sidekick?

Maybe this could turn into a short HUDSY series. Always looking for your thoughts, feedback and insight.

March 17, 2023

We take what we do as storytellers very seriously and don't take lightly the magnitude of trust it takes for someone to be willing to share their story with us. Thanks Greg for giving us that honor.