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Laura Kandel (HUDSY Co-Founder)

Kingston, NY, United States

Here's the link to RSVP for free (so we can give the venue a heads up on how many to expect) - Can't wait to see you there!

Jan 15 at 09:30 AM

Safe Harbors made an amazing choice when they chose Ralph M'Vore as their first ever artist-in-residence! 


One top of being the biggest heart on the team, Angel has also directed many of the HUDSY Originals on HUDSY TV. I linked a few below - check them out!

TRANSition -

Against the Grain -

Behind the Mic: Nellybombs -

All-American Ruins -

New York Rocks with Geo Beck -

Do Something!

And more!


Natasha is a filmmaker of MANY talents- one of which is being a MASTER of recap videos. Check out some of her work below!

Newburgh Illuminated 2022 -

FIREFLY Premiere Recap -

Rosendale Street Festival -

And there are many more on our YouTube channel as well -


I may get yelled at for this, but did you also know that Jesse has films/series on HUDSY TV from his life before HUDSY under the name Digi Ranch? If not, check them out!


Chris is being a little modest - he has several thriller films on HUDSY TV and I think you should watch them ALL!

A Good Deed -


Trickers -

My Silent Night -


Can we talk about the insane amount of amazing thumbnail artwork on the app and how Madeline Friedman (HUDSY Graphic Designer) created 99% of it?! Maddie - your ability to find just the right image to pull someone in to want to watch each film is incredible. 


Commented on Newburgh Focused Event

Jan 11 at 06:35 PM

I can't wait! MVORE smashes it every time I see them and the films are going to be amazing. Going to be a great event. Who else are we going the see there?!



Jan 09 at 12:48 PM

I wear a lot of hats here including the build out of this app, operations, some producing here and there, and whatever else needs to be done to keep this train rolling. I’m a Hudson Valley lifer and have been in the arts community here in a variety of ways as an arts advocate for over 20 years. I just love this place - no matter where I travel, I always come home thinking “my mountains are better” - I know you know the feeling! What’s your favorite part of the Hudson Valley? I’m always looking to find out more about this amazing place we live!

Check out some of my current faves on HUDSY TV:

CLICK HERE to watch New York Rocks with Geo Beck

CLICK HERE to watch Wash Your Fruit