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Natasha Scully (HUDSY Content Creator)


Apr 20 at 11:30 PM

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When your dog doesn’t want you to leave for a shoot but you have important work to do.

What kind of pets do you all have and what’s a favorite memory you share? My dog, Meeko, had gotten me through a lot what stories do you share with your sidekick?

Maybe this could turn into a short HUDSY series. Always looking for your thoughts, feedback and insight.


Apr 13 at 08:30 PM

Look out for a HUDSY original about Nadine Ferraro. Nadine is briniging something special to the Kingston community with two key ingredients kindness & no bullsh@$!

Check out Nadine’s Happy Hour podcast too on Radio Kingston.


Apr 06 at 06:45 PM

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Meet Kiki, a dope human being, who runs a boutique for previously incarcerated people. She’s always had a love for fashion. While she was inside, she would crease her uniform with an iron to make it look like layered patterns. Kiki is beyond imaginative and clearly thinking beyond the norms.

Today she said something that I thought I’d pose to all of you. “What would a decarcerated system look like?” Push YOURSELF beyond the norms and truly imagine such a world.


Mar 30 at 07:39 PM

If you don’t know who Tafari the artist is you’re missing out! He shared his powerful story with the Hudsy team last week and tomorrow I get to film him in action. I’ll keep you all posted when HUDSY drops Tafari’s story. It will be a MUST watch!


Mar 23 at 08:57 PM

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There’s a housing crisis that’s plagued the Hudson Valley and tenants are organizing to come up with a cure. We’ve been following the journey of one organizer, June, who gets to the root of the causes and lays out the ground work for solutions.

Replied on Beyond An Event

Mar 16 at 09:55 PM

Thank you for coming!!!


Mar 16 at 06:11 PM

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Enjoyed every minute of HUDSY’S Beyond The Screen event on Saturday. It’s not just an event but a space where you can connect and create every lasting memories with the people you care the most about. Hell make it a date night. These people did. Hope to see you all at the next one in June!!


Mar 09 at 05:14 PM

No better way to spend Women’s International day then with Ubaka Hill and her Drumsong Orchestra. Stay tuned to see if Ubaka made it under the limbo stick.


Mar 02 at 07:56 PM

Hope you are all coming out to Beyond the Screen next Saturday March 11th at the Rosendale theater. Episode 2 of HUDSY’s original series Behind the Mic featuring Tony E will be premiering. Trailer coming out soon!!!


Feb 23 at 10:07 PM

So today my dog Meeko is 5. Can’t believe he’s been in my life that long. We’ve been through a lot together. Should I do a short video on Meeko? He’s slightly photogenic.