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Natasha Scully (HUDSY Content Creator)

Commented on Immerse yourself...

Feb 22 at 04:31 PM

Pool party when it’s done


Feb 16 at 08:42 PM

I spent the afternoon with someone who played in Woodstock so excuse the trippy post. I’m sure once you watch episode 3 of HUDSY’s original series, Behind The Mic, you’ll be feeling the same way.

Sometimes I wonder if there will come a time when music will begin to repeat itself. Certainly there can only be a limited amount of combinations one can make with 12 notes. But then, I remember, behind the melodies are creators. Creators like Juma Sultan who played along with Jimi Hendrix giving way to the synergy of the blues and rock & roll. Because of creators who dedicate their lives to rhythm there will always be a new melodic sound.


Feb 09 at 08:55 PM

There are so many moments in life but there are only a handful of moments that make life come alive. When 60 swimmers from age 5 to 17 come together at Poughkeepsie Middle School’s pool, every moment becomes memorable.

Check out Immersed, a HUDSY original, when it drops later this year.


Feb 02 at 06:32 PM

Ever wonder who you’re actually working with? I’ve been finding out a lot more about my co-workers lately as I’m working on the Hudsy documentary. Yes, you’re about to know all our secrets. Yesterday, I sat down with Hudsy co-founder Angel Gates and guess what his name isn’t really Gates 🥸

Commented on 100,000 views!!!

Feb 02 at 03:22 PM

Congrats Chris!!! Beyond talent right here

Commented on Why Filmmaking?

Jan 26 at 07:33 PM

Check out HUDSY’s original series “Move Me” to see some amazing dancers in the region. Brenda will be episode 4.


Jan 26 at 07:28 PM

Finding my career path was not a straight road. The road signs cleared when I realized a job existed where one day I could capture freedom fighters demanding justice and the next be at a concert with a deaf musician.

Life is never dull as a filmmaker!

As Brenda Bufalino, an 85 year old tap dancer, said today, “I’m exhausted but what else are you going to do? You’re here, live! Put on your shoes.”

I’m going to keep putting my shoes on Brenda. I hope you all keep lacing up too. No judgment if it’s velcro 😉

~Jesse Brown, Brenda Bufalino & me in picture.


Jan 19 at 06:33 PM

Just wrapped the second episode of HUDSY’s Original series, “Behind The Mic” featuring Tony E.

Check it out at Hudsy’s Behind the Screen event on March 11th.

In the meantime, check out the first episode of Behind The Mic featuring Nellybombs.

There is some much raw talent in the region! Who are some of your favorite artists? Comment below and they might end up in episode 3.

Jan 18 at 11:22 PM

Can’t wait to see the full episode!!!

Jan 17 at 09:30 AM